What's Happening @ TVCC?

Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage — Stand Strong in Your Faith, March 7
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TVCC Is A Church Where...

All people are welcome. Those who are burdened & hurting will feel accepted as they come seeking for answers to their needs.

A society of people become a community of believers through the transforming power of the pure gospel of Jesus Christ. Meeting peoples needs, whether in our own community, state, country or world, is its mission.

Workers and missionaries will be sent out here and abroad and our own members on short term mission projects wherever God would lead us to go. It is our dream to start new churches in other communities as well. Every member will realize how God has gifted them and how they can use those gifts in service to their church and community.

We remember how important the family and each individual is to God and our community. We will focus on bringing and keeping families together by building relationships with them on purpose. 

Mission Statement: To Lead People Into A Growing Relationship With Jesus Christ.